We play a mix of classic covers and someday-classic originals.

You can find recorded version of many of our songs on...

-T. Ferrell's (guitar, vocals) albums, Jesus Year and Southerly.

-John Lindeman's (mandolin, vocals) debut album, Sun & Rain.

Covers currently in our rotation include...

-"Turtles All The Way Down" (Sturgill Simpson)
-"Everybody Knows This Nowhere" (Neil Young)
-"Mama Tried" (Merle Haggard)
-"Tennessee Jed" (Grateful Dead)
-"Dire Wolf" (Grateful Dead)
-"I Know You Rider" (Grateful Dead)
-"Come Pick Me Up" (Ryan Adams)
-"Tonight I'll Be Stayin' Here With You" (Bob Dylan)
-"Chunk of Coal" (Billy Joe Shaver)
-"Moonshiner" (trad/Uncle Tupelo)
-"New Madrid" (Uncle Tupelo)
-"Forget The Flowers" (Wilco)
-"Where Did You Sleep Last Night" (Leadbelly)
-"Cripple Creek" (The Band)
-"Nellie Kane" (Hot Rize)
-"Country Honk" (Rolling Stones)
- "Wild Horses" (Rolling Stones)
-"Dead Flowers" (Rolling Stones)

Some of our songs are based on historical or recent events. Here are the lyrics for a couple of them:

"Newton Knight (Free State of Jones)" -- a mostly true story

Tell you a tale if I might, about my Captain Newton Knight
Humble farmer of the clay, he'd tell you he don't know no other way

Down here in the Piney Woods, owning slaves don't do much good
We ain't got much land to grow, a couple acres for our corn

When President Lincoln was sworn in, they passed Secession Ordinance
Conscription man knocked on the door, said "come on Newt, fight for your home"

Newt said "this ain't no war of mine, I think honest Abe will do just fine"
But conscription man wouldn't let him be, so he signed up as an orderly

He marched due North with the ih, and saw the blood at Corinth
Word came about a drought at home, he deserted ranks and went back to Jones

Cotton ain't no king around here, we is free men to the bone
And we ain't gonna fight your rich man's war in the free state of Jones

Life was hard on the run, move all night and avoid the sun
Can't use the road, can't use the rail, can't shake the hellhound on his trail

Newt made it home all right, but he was right mad when he saw the sight
Rebels had taken all his stores, Newt said they won't take no more

Captain rounded up some kin, deserters and wanted men
With ragged shoes and clothes all torn, they took up arms to fight for the North

General Maury had best think twice before they send in that Cavalry
Them yeoman farmers fight like hell in Jones County


"Sgt. Fuller" -- mostly true story

Dispatch got the call, Sgt. Fuller took the ball
As back-up to the deputies first arrived
They walked across the lawn, weapons cocked and drawn
And Sgt. Fuller flanked them up the drive

Two men in the house, a third man out
And the kids were trapped in the minivan
A deputy caught a round, knocked that boy down
Their lives were left in Sgt. Fuller's hands

Now Sgt. Fuller raise your gun
Officer down, there's work to be done
And if you put those bad men down
You may still get to wear that... wedding gown.

In that garage, the mighty barrage,
Sounded like thunderclaps in rain
But Fuller shot tight and clean, emptied her thirteen
And landed one in the perpetrator's brain

Fuller took ten hits, her vest caught six
Four bullets left her hurt and maimed
Her right arm was a mess, she switched to her left
Reloaded, chambered, and aimed

Now Sgt. Fuller raise your gun
You've put one down, there's still another one
And if you shoot that bad man down
You may still get to wear that wedding gown

Despite the fear and pain, she fought just like she trained
And fired that gun with her off-hand
She shot that man so neat, he was dead on his feet
And the wedding went off more or less as planned

They said it was a miracle, and I guess that's partly true
But I remember I got married once, too
And no common criminal, not even two or three
Ever stood a chance against a well-armed bride to be

Now Sgt. Fuller safe your gun
You've saved the kids, your work here is done
You faced two bad men, and put them down
And now it's time to wear your wedding gown